In Case You Missed It – 09/15/18

In case you missed it this week…

  • Apparently, black people like Serena are off limits to cartoonists. Unless they are treated “specially.
  • Size does matter, and feminists like them small.  What happened to women can do anything men can do?
  • In a week when an “Anonymous Woman” comes forward with allegations about Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, a Spiked! Online classic reminds us how, in the age of #MeToo, “Women are equal to men” apparently really means “Women are special.”

Have a great weekend!

The Serena Williams Scam

{What better more timely topic to kick off a blog about the toxic state of identity politics and those who practice it?}

Women’s sports are great and great for women. They need to exist. I actually love watching Serena Williams and have admired her athleticism and grace and the fact that she speaks French when she wins at Roland Garos. It is easy to get swept up by it all.  But let’s not lose perspective on reality here…

There is no gender equality/“equity” in sports and never can be.  There is, however, a toxic and delusional form of female entitlement on full display if you look. It is a gold-digging scam that relies on the illusion of pervasive anti-female sexism and occasional dramas as distractions to hide what is really happening. Continue reading “The Serena Williams Scam”