Questions For Intersectional Feminists

1. We have just had a week where one woman pointing her finger at a man over a 36 year-old misdemeanor has destroyed his reputation and likely his life’s work and much more (whether the accusation is true or not). We have also witnessed two shrieking, hysterical women emotionally coerce a Congressman into ordering an FBI investigation over said 36 year-old misdemeanor. How does the possession and use of this kind of power over men square with the idea that women are powerless and oppressed in our society?

2. Witch hunts, inquisitions and other venues (“I Believe the Women!”) in which the rights of the accused are ignored or drastically curtailed are the preferred means of “justice” for oppressive totalitarian regimes AND #MeToo feminists. If ending gender oppression is the goal of feminism and oppression itself is evil, the problem, doesn’t oppressing men mean you are doing it wrong?

3. If ending gender oppression is not the goal, but oppressing men is, haven’t feminists been lying to us all along?

4. Given that it is at the behest of women that he is being subjected to an oppressive tribunal, is Judge Kavanaugh justified in feeling oppressed by women? Is he justified in hating women should he chose to do so?


1. It doesn’t. It directly refutes it. Feminists lie about what power is, how much “men” actually have (as opposed to a few men) and how women have always had power and used it.

2. Yes.

3. Yes.

4. Yes and Yes.

This is an “Empress Has No Clothes” moment for feminism. They are what they claim to hate to anyone who will simply look.