The Empress Has No Clothes

The Brett Kavanaugh hearings were devastating in terms of exposing the Cult of Intersectional Oppression (CIO), especially its feminist faction, the Our Lady of Perpetual Martyrdom Cadre, and their meltdown is epic. This is a moment in history when Democrats, especially their “progressives,” have shown us who they really are.

Do any Democrats really think their handling of this episode was good for the Party? Feminism? Women?

For Democrats the key objectives seem to have been to derail the nomination and whip up their base for the midterms. Clearly the first objective was not met. As for the second we have to wait and see, but there are some early signs.

The Democrats now have a new issue for November—investigation and impeachment of Kavanaugh—but they also handed their opponents several issues. Continue reading “The Empress Has No Clothes”

Tear Up The Contract

The entertainer John Mayer, ironically a well-known serial womanizer, responded to the Kavanaugh hearings and #MeToo by saying we should tear up the social contract between men and women and replace it with a new one in which men were expected to behave better. I agree with him as far as he goes, but not out of male guilt. We need to tear up the contract and renegotiate a whole slew of things between men and women. After recently learning of the female supremacist views of powerful Democratic women like Senator Mazie Hirono, I think everything up to the Nineteenth Amendment needs to be on the table.

What is at stake for society is whether we achieve the purported feminist goal of equality or whether the third-wave backlash wins and women are stuck in (and men stuck with) limbo—where women are legally equal adults to men, but “special needs children” in most other respects. Feminist women of the 1970s were tougher, more equality-minded and probably closer to the overall equality goal. Today’s third-wave feminist victims think they can have their cake and eat it too, as if “equality” could be made into a safe “equitable” space where all disparities that favor men are eliminated but those that favor women persist. That is impossible, and their continued delusion is untenable for our society.

Because the one-sidedness of feminism (literally “pro-woman”) is at odds with the stated goal of equality, there has never been a real negotiation of what equality is. There has only been demand on one side and acquiescence on the other. This has actually resulted in many double standards being enforced and great harm to society. But real equality is equality, not just whatever women decide they want.

Feminists have portrayed history falsely. Women were not legally treated as property pre-feminism, they were treated as children. Continue reading “Tear Up The Contract”

Hater of the Week – 09/21/18

The Senate is apparently a magnet for women who can barely hide their hatred and contempt for men. Senators, Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY, and Claire McCaskill, D-MO seem to be the two most malignant, historically. Gillibrand came out this week as expected to announce that she believes Brett Kavanugh’s accuser “Because she is telling the truth.” Because she KNOWS. Because women.

But there is a new contender this week, Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii.  Not only does she KNOW Christine Blasey Ford is telling the truth, she is challenging men to “Shut up and step up!” apparently because they are all complicit in all the rape going on, even if just with their skepticism and disdain for “victim” games. She doesn’t think men are being fair to Ford for not believing her reflexively, even though she seems to care not that allegations made through political and media channels 26 years after the statute of limitations has expired are inherently unfair to Kavanaugh.

So congratulations, Mazie!  By stoking anti-male sentiment for political gain and exhibiting hateful double standards and contempt for due process you are our Hater of the Week!