Trans Issues

I have no problem with people trying to figure out their gender and live their lives. They should have all the same rights and opportunities as everyone else.

The problem is trans-activists. They want rights no one else has and power and control over others, a tyranny of the .3% over the 99.7%. Like all SJWs, they are trying to police thought and language and use emotional manipulation as tools. “Think of the non-binary” has become the new “Think of the children.”

  1. They are illogical. They demand that everyone recognize the importance of gender identity at the same time the concepts of an infinite gender spectrum and gender “fluidity” render the gender category completely useless for defining anyone.
  2. When someone does not toe their line, or use their preferred labels, trans-activists have no problem defining their identity for them with labels, “transphobic” being popular.  This makes trans activists bullies and worse, hypocrites, who either don’t even believe their own principles or are just too mean to extend them to others.
  3. Worse, people who commit “thoughtcrime” by opposing or disagreeing with the trans agenda are harassed and drummed out of their jobs by trans activists. People who are not civil in disagreement, who are so ruthless they do not care if their opponent’s children can eat, who will wield poverty as a weapon, are simply the worst among us. IMHO. They are not progressive.  Far from it.
  4. They deny any science that does not support their agenda. For instance, a recent Ivy League study of “rapid onset gender dysphoria” which concluded it was a social contagion driven by social media was taken down by activism as “transphobic,” not because of flaws in the science. This is a problem with regressive Left “social justice” agendas in general: only science which supports the ideology, however questionable its methods, is allowed.
  5. Like all cults (and certainly feminists), they seek to control sex, sexuality and attraction. If you are cis and not attracted to transpeople, or like your women with vaginas rather than penises, guess what you are?
  6. They use the hyperbolic emotional manipulation of the perpetual victim.  When someone disagrees with them they are “Denying our humanity!”
  7. The idea that only trans actors can play trans roles is ludicrous. It is called acting for a reason.  Would they agree to a ban on trans actors in cis roles? Would they agree to an equitable representation of transfolk in film and television, limiting them to .3% of all roles (only 3 in 1,000)?
  8. They indoctrinate very young children into trans-ideology in schools.  They insist parents must treat children of any age who have preferences, or who act, outside of gender norms as trans, even though most kids who exhibit such behaviors are not trans. They advocate the use of hormone blockers to prevent puberty. Gay activists used to be falsely accused of recruiting young people into their lifestyle. Trans activists actually seem to be recruiting young people.
  9. They play dishonest manipulative games with language.  After decades of “Gender Studies” telling us that sex and gender are different, now all of a sudden they are interchangeable. The sex recorded at birth and on driver’s licenses is now gender that can be changed after the fact. Sex segregated spaces like bathrooms are now about gender. Title IX, and other laws, written to be about sex, are now being interpreted to be about gender. All of this is accomplished through bureaucratic action with no societal discussion as if that was just the way it is supposed to be. They are trying to gaslight the rest of us. 
  10. The activist phrase “gender assigned at birth” is completely dishonest and trans activists always utter it with contempt in their voice as befitting the source of their “oppression.” Sex, not gender, is observed and recorded at birth, not assigned, and usually even before birth through ultrasound images. Sex is “assigned” only in the rarest of cases where there is an abnormality in the baby’s genitals. That does not even apply to most transgender people.  This is an attempt to gaslight, an attempt to normalize a very rare occurrence. Changing the sex recorded at birth is a deliberate Orwellian rewriting of history, the historic document attested to by the people present at the time, to suit their ideology. 
  11. One of the most insidious, manipulative and dishonest language games trans activists play is around pronouns. They are wrong on all counts.
    • Who decided that pronouns were about how one identifies as opposed to what the rest of the world sees? I don’t recall the 99.7% of the English speaking world that is cis-gender being consulted, and I assume transfolk who identify as male or female weren’t either.
    • The pronouns in question are third person, usually used outside of the presence of the person they refer to. If you are in the room with me, I would speak to you and say “You,” in the second person, or I would use your name if making a point about you.  So this isn’t really (or just) about keeping the trans person safe from being offended by something they might hear. It is about controlling what you say about them elsewhere. 
    • It is impossible to “misgender” someone with a pronoun in English. Pronouns in English are defined by sex, not gender. Look them up. Our third person personal pronouns are “He,” “She,” “It” and “They.” Of those the first three are singular, “They” is usually plural. “He” and “She” refer to male (sex) and female (sex) humans as a first definition. Gender is not implied by our pronouns, despite what activists claim. (Also, there is no “grammatical gender” in English, a concept often confused with gender.)
    • It is also impossible to mis-sex someone with a pronoun in English. Why?  All four of these pronouns have the same second definition, something to the effect of: “third person pronoun indicating a person of indeterminate sex,” depending on the dictionary. All four. Somehow trans activists only recognize that second definition when it comes to “They,” which even some non-trans people have now adopted to virtue signal. Any of the pronouns in question can perform the same function as “They.”
    • The proper third person singular pronoun in English for a person who is neither male nor female is “It.” Even though it would be easy for everyone to remember and adopt, trans activists reject “I” because it supposedly “dehumanizes” the person. That is BS, and frankly, “binary thinking” that trans activists of all people should know is BS. It only “dehumanizes” if you assume humans must be male or female, he or she, which transfolk definitely do not. Pronouns in English do not confer or deny humanity.  Calling your dog “she” does not make her human.  Calling a child of indeterminate gender “It” does not deny its humanity. Saying “It is I” or “It’s Bob” does not imply that you think you or Bob are not human.
    • Pronouns are supposed to be a short-cut, not an individual identifier. They only vaguely refer to their object. As a male, “He” lumps me in with 3.5 billion other “Hes” on the planet. It isn’t about my individual identity. People, who want to be referred to by some special snowflake meaningless word (e.g. “Zie/Zir”) that refers to nothing and that they just made up are needy people who feel entitled to control your thoughts and waste your time. Not someone fighting for their human rights.
  12. With numbers 9, 10 and 11, there are honest discussions we can have as a society about how to change things to accommodate trans people, but for some reason those are not conversations trans activists want to have. Why not?
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