Et tu, ACLU?

I was the editor of my high school paper a long time ago and as such ran into a few first amendment issues with the school administration. I joined the ACLU to educate myself about my rights. At the time, the ACLU was apolitical and stood for the rule of law, the rights of the accused, civil rights and free speech among other noble causes. They had a long and storied reputation of fighting for the rights of the unpopular underdog.

But that is not the ACLU of today. They have been overrun by SJWs. My first clue was a while ago when they made a distinction between “civil rights” for all and “women’s rights.” More recently they have come out with a watered down position on free speech, along the lines of the claim that so-called “hate speech” is not included. Now they have abandoned key principles like the rule of law and rights of the accused to embrace the logic of mob justice with their position on Kavanaugh. Yet somehow (through SJW magical thinking?) they still maintain they are a “nonpartisan” organization that does not take positions on judicial appointments.

The real ACLU would have defended Kavanaugh against the excesses of the mob. Sad.