Recovering Feminist

I got hooked in the usual way. I truly like women as people and see them as equal, and as a college student I was deluded into thinking there was some value in feminism because of its institutional power in academia. I was open-minded enough to accept their “critique” of men and society as a valid viewpoint, although I disagreed with some. And I was fine with losing “privilege” and power for the cause. Neither was really a loss since I had never felt I had any rights or privileges over women.

When people tell you to “educate yourself” as much as feminists do, they are telling you who they are. They are people who think “two plus two equals five” and can’t really explain why. If they thought two plus two equaled four, they would gladly explain how they got there to anyone who needed to know. Anyone with a little objectivity can see that modern feminist “theory” is completely self-serving nonsense. It is one Big Lie buttressed by many smaller ones. For a smart guy, I cannot believe what a fool I was.

Being open-minded, however, it took me a long time to realize that there is nothing wrong with feeling disgust when you are confronted by certain kinds of criticism. If people say they oppose group hatred and prejudice but are libeling and shaming you for being the person you were born as, or if people are holding you to impossible standards of behavior but accept no standards for their own, you should feel disgusted. These people are delusional or hypocrites at best.  They are pure evil, akin to some of the worst actors in history, at worst. Continue reading “Recovering Feminist”

Weekend Wrap-Up 10/06/18

In case you missed it this week…

  • A CERN physicist has committed “unscience.” Spiked gets it right.
  • Clapping is now (partially) banned at a UK university because it is “triggering.” 
  • The National Review had a great piece detailing the Orwellian nature of the Kavanaugh situation.
  • When women cry or act naive or like children, my BS detector goes on alert. Is this genuine, or am I being manipulated? Not only does this woman get it, she delivers a call to action.
    “It’s up to Women to protect and defend men from gynocentric authoritarianism. I don’t care about the zombie hoards out there. I’m talking to those of you who know what’s right. It’s our time. If you have a brother, a father, a husband or a son, take a stand.”
  • In a week of goalpost-shifting and bar-lowering, we now have the all or nothing: If you don’t believe women unconditionally, you don’t believe them at all!  Feminists cannot help but make themselves look childish and stupid. All or nothing thinking is a symptom of a cult.
    Fortunately, some men get what is at stake.

Hater of the Week

  • Connie Chung, as a representative of all women who use the insidious man-hating logic of #MeToo to assume Kavanaugh’s guilt.

LULZ of the Week

  • Fake Scholarship.  The empress has no clothes!  Probably the funniest and most important story of the year.
  • Bonus Runner Up:  The Alt-right-Russia conspiracy is the reason no one likes the SJW Star Wars!
  • Bonus Runner Up: Male feminist goes into “punch a Nazi” mode on a pro-life woman.

Have a great weekend!

Questions For Intersectional Feminists – 2

  1. How is “Believe the women!” about either equality or equity? 
  2. How is “Believe the women!” consistent with the notion that women are adults rather than children who must be coddled and indulged?
  3. Fill in the blank: The presumption of innocence is _________.
    A. A Human Right
    B. White Male Privilege
    C. Female Privilege
    D. Non-existent
  4. Fill in the blank: “Believe the Women” is _________.
    A. A Human Right
    B. White Male Privilege
    C. Female Privilege
    D. Non-existent


  1. It isn’t.
  2. It isn’t. It directly refutes it.
  3. A.
  4. C.

Et tu, ACLU?

I was the editor of my high school paper a long time ago and as such ran into a few first amendment issues with the school administration. I joined the ACLU to educate myself about my rights. At the time, the ACLU was apolitical and stood for the rule of law, the rights of the accused, civil rights and free speech among other noble causes. They had a long and storied reputation of fighting for the rights of the unpopular underdog.

But that is not the ACLU of today. They have been overrun by SJWs. My first clue was a while ago when they made a distinction between “civil rights” for all and “women’s rights.” More recently they have come out with a watered down position on free speech, along the lines of the claim that so-called “hate speech” is not included. Now they have abandoned key principles like the rule of law and rights of the accused to embrace the logic of mob justice with their position on Kavanaugh. Yet somehow (through SJW magical thinking?) they still maintain they are a “nonpartisan” organization that does not take positions on judicial appointments.

The real ACLU would have defended Kavanaugh against the excesses of the mob. Sad.

Questions For Intersectional Feminists

1. We have just had a week where one woman pointing her finger at a man over a 36 year-old misdemeanor has destroyed his reputation and likely his life’s work and much more (whether the accusation is true or not). We have also witnessed two shrieking, hysterical women emotionally coerce a Congressman into ordering an FBI investigation over said 36 year-old misdemeanor. How does the possession and use of this kind of power over men square with the idea that women are powerless and oppressed in our society?

2. Witch hunts, inquisitions and other venues (“I Believe the Women!”) in which the rights of the accused are ignored or drastically curtailed are the preferred means of “justice” for oppressive totalitarian regimes AND #MeToo feminists. If ending gender oppression is the goal of feminism and oppression itself is evil, the problem, doesn’t oppressing men mean you are doing it wrong?

3. If ending gender oppression is not the goal, but oppressing men is, haven’t feminists been lying to us all along?

4. Given that it is at the behest of women that he is being subjected to an oppressive tribunal, is Judge Kavanaugh justified in feeling oppressed by women? Is he justified in hating women should he chose to do so?


1. It doesn’t. It directly refutes it. Feminists lie about what power is, how much “men” actually have (as opposed to a few men) and how women have always had power and used it.

2. Yes.

3. Yes.

4. Yes and Yes.

This is an “Empress Has No Clothes” moment for feminism. They are what they claim to hate to anyone who will simply look.