Weekend Wrap-Up 10/13/18

In case you missed it this week…

  • Apparently not as many people support the “progressive” PC culture as we have been led to believe.
  • Amazon reportedly killed an AI recruitment tool because it couldn’t stop it from discriminating against women. Apparently the biases were “in the data.”
  • If you make more than $32,400 per year, you are in the top 1% of the highest incomes in the world.

Hate of the Week

  • The Cult has officially pronounced Kanye West a heretic.  After Kanye’s pro-Trump Saturday Night Live outburst, host Don Lemon laughed while a panel of black CNN analysts called him “a token,” “unintelligent,” mentally ill and “what happens when Negroes don’t read.” Personal attacks are a cult symptom, people.
    After West met with Trump on Thursday, Lemon doubled down calling it a “Minstrel Show.” Ugly.

LOLZ of the Week

  • “Hosing human waste off pavement reminds one leftist of hoses used against civil-right activists. A councilman in Seattle is reportedly opposed to hosing sidewalks that reek of excrement near a local courthouse because he fears that it might be racially insensitive. No, this is not a joke.”
Have a great weekend!

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