The Empress Has No Clothes

The Brett Kavanaugh hearings were devastating in terms of exposing the Cult of Intersectional Oppression (CIO), especially its feminist faction, the Our Lady of Perpetual Martyrdom Cadre, and their meltdown is epic. This is a moment in history when Democrats, especially their “progressives,” have shown us who they really are.

Do any Democrats really think their handling of this episode was good for the Party? Feminism? Women?

For Democrats the key objectives seem to have been to derail the nomination and whip up their base for the midterms. Clearly the first objective was not met. As for the second we have to wait and see, but there are some early signs.

The Democrats now have a new issue for November—investigation and impeachment of Kavanaugh—but they also handed their opponents several issues. One is also a topic for investigation—the conduct of senior Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. Who leaked Ford’s letter? Who recommended her attorney (a rules violation)? Why wasn’t she aware of the Committee’s offer to visit her in California? There seems to be malfeasance and skulduggery on the part of senior Democrats and perhaps Ford’s attorney.

Another issue handed to Republicans is commitment to basic human rights. When you have senior Democratic Senators saying “there is no presumption of innocence” that should be a chilling moment for all Americans. Instead, we had one party cheering the announcement. Of course they rationalized their regressive stance: “This is a job interview!” “It’s the court of public opinion not a court of law!” “Its a lifetime appointment!” All of them lame excuses for abandoning a basic principle underlying the fabric of our society.

In addition, Democratic efforts kind of devolved into anarchy as radical identity politics took over. The protest images were disturbing to many Americans. They seemed to cross the line at times from peaceful protest to protest meant to bully and intimidate.

If you reject their emotional manipulation and refute their initial argument, feminist SJWs will become desperate and start throwing anything up against the wall to see what sticks. So when the rape allegations did not seem to take hold, they muddied the waters with all kinds of ancillary issues. Chief among these is perjury. Apparently according to Dems Kavanaugh lied about: downplaying drinking; the meaning of things in his high school yearbook; whether he was a Yale legacy; whether he was in the same circle as Yale accusers and whether he ever blacked out drinking. Of course none of those meets the materiality requirement for perjury.

Democrats also accused Kavanaugh of many things that can only be described as “fruit of the poisoned tree.” In other words things that only came up because of the unproven rape allegation. Questions were raised about his judicial temperament. He was also accused of being too partisan (never mind that Ruth Bader Ginsburg calls Trump unpresidential all the time). And of course anything a friend of Kavanaugh did or was accused of, he was painted as guilty of too. All of these just made Democrats seem scattershot and desperate.

As far as motivating their base, we have polling showing that Democratic men are significantly more energized than they were as were Republican women. Republican women were clearly disgusted with the rape accusations and ensuing circus which they see as all staged and fake. The Democratic men? I don’t know whether like me they were disgusted with their own party or the Republicans. Time will tell. Overall, Democrats seem to have lowered their chances of taking back the House somewhat and the Senate dramatically.

For a movement that bristles at the notion that it is a cult, feminists put faith over facts with their “#Believe Women!” rhetoric. Meanwhile angry children of privilege brainwashed into believing they are oppressed mimicked the High Sparrow’s minions chanting “Shame!” at Republicans, and anyone white or male, egged on by paid activists. Shrieking rape “survivors” intimidated and emotionally blackmailed Senators in the Capitol. There is a difference between peaceful protest and that designed to intimidate. Using fear and intimidation to get your way politically is the definition of terrorism.

“Unhinged” is too mild a word.

“Unhinged” is also too mild a word for the vicious Senator Mazie Hirono and her “Men should shut up” rhetoric, or for the creepy porn lawyer with his client’s lurid gang rape accusations. Thanks to him we had a clear picture that lying accusers exist. And the one-half of American women who want nothing to do with the radical feminist Left and will support Republicans? At least old Mazie didn’t tell them to shut up. But they have been labelled “gender traitors!” by others. Apparently they are “unwomen” who do not count. So much for being a movement for women.

Thanks to the Democrats failed handling of the Kavanaugh appointment, we now see them and their toxic identity politics for exactly what they are.

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