Unpacking “Believe Women!”

“If it requires lynching to protect woman’s dearest possession from ravening, drunken human beasts, then I say lynch a thousand negroes a week.”

—Rebecca Felton, Georgia feminist and first female US Senator, 1897.

“I’m actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations.”

—Emily Lindin, feminist writer and director, in a Tweet sent 11/21/17 14:45

I value human rights and believe men and women are equal. I also believe in basic fairness. “Believe the women!” the mantra of #MeToo advocates and Judge Kavanaugh’s opponents, stands for the opposite of those things. It is part of a toxic archetype pattern that must be embedded deep in the collective female id (they all seem to know the script). It says women are “special,” not equal, yet manages to be misogynistic in its infantilization and emotional manipulation of women. It is also deeply misandrist, manipulating men into depriving other men of their rights or lives. It is worth noting at the outset that “Believe the Women!” operates on many levels in our society, not just in relation to Kavanaugh or #MeToo.

It is no accident that the Kavanaugh confirmation circus is part of the broader #MeToo witch hunt. Something like it was inevitable. Let us hope it is the crest of the #MeToo wave.

It is also no accident that “Believe the women!” is a direct echo of “Believe the children!” from the 1980s satanic cult preschool child molestation witch hunt. Ultimately, the phrase infantilizes women. It says they are not capable of being functional, equal adults, agents who determine their lives and who can deal with adversity, follow rules, rationally evaluate evidence or back up their accusations. They are simply helpless victims. They are children who must be constantly protected, coddled and indulged in the adult world of men. This infantilization applies both to the woman accuser and the women who evaluate her claims. “Believe the women” is real misogyny.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford played her role perfectly during her testimony. She acted like a little girl! Vocal fry came out of nowhere to convey emotion while she read her statement, yet there were no real tears or mucus to wipe or sniffle away. And she used a cute girl pose, head down, puppy eyes looking up, fidgeting in chair, while answering questions in a higher voice than she used while reading. “Please like me, I’m a pretty girl!” Watch the tape! The only little girl behaviors missing were swinging legs and sitting on her hands or twirling her hair. She wasn’t so much acting as fulfilling the toxic archetypal role of the helpless woman victim.

Of course feminist SJWs are in denial of their infantilization of women. They are also in denial of why they do it: emotional manipulation (they flatter themselves that they are rational). “Believe the women!” insists that women replace rational thought and evidence with prejudice, feelings and emotional reason. “Believe the Women!” taps into the idea of sisterhood and the #YesAllWomen/#MeToo dynamic. The emotional “logic” goes like this: “Something happened to me (or someone I know) therefore via #YesAllWomen/#YOUtoo, Ford is telling the truth. I KNOW it.” Connie Chung’s letter to Ford illustrates exactly how this works.

Women are not the only targets of this emotional manipulation. Without the emotional manipulation aspect, stodgy white male Sen. Grassley would have treated Ford as an adult from the start and told her to go away because she is 35 years too late. Instead he treated her paternally, as he would a child, and bent over backward to meet her demands about appearing. Who gets to set conditions on doing their civic duty? Not real adult citizens, that’s for sure. Everyone treated her so gently during the hearing! Men’s protective instincts toward women have been honed for millennia and feminists are expert at manipulating them, like they manipulated Jeff Flake’s, while denying they exist or that women need them.

When narcissistic man-haters like Jessica Valenti say “America hates women,” they are not perceptive enough to understand the many ways that statement is false but also that America’s feminists are leading the way in misogyny through their infantilization efforts. The infantilization of women is part of the “patriarchy” but instead of smashing it, Valenti et al build it up. They constantly conflate women and children (I could do a whole separate post). Feminist actions betray their words as lies.

A bigger problem for feminists, however, is that “Believe the Women!” exposes their movement as a complete fraud in another major way: it is completely contemptuous of the human rights of men. So much for equality (or equity), the supposed definition and goal of feminism. Which prompts the question: If that isn’t really the goal, what is?

“Believe the accuser” (aka “Believe the Women!”) is the hallmark of every witch hunt. Evidence is irrelevant. The accusation itself is all the relevant evidence. And any criticism of that principle is seen as being complicit with the crime. The logic of the witch hunt is irrational and inescapable. If you have nothing to hide, why don’t you want an investigation? If you are innocent, why so angry/so calm? As with ideology itself, everything gets twisted to one purpose.

Feminists have this conceit that historic witch hunts are a misogynistic persecution of women. That is a false narrative. It does not account for the fact that 40% of all witches executed in Europe were men and in some countries witches were almost exclusively men. Even at Salem 20% of those executed were men. And the accusers? Teenage girls! By twisted feminist logic those people must have been consorting with the devil and the townsfolk did right by burning and pressing them.

The preferred feminist mode of justice, the witch hunt, is regressive and primitive. Modern, civilized human beings prefer to protect the rights of the accused and have for centuries. The rights of the accused to due process, the presumption of innocence and freedom from extra-judicial punishment are enshrined in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the US Constitution and common law. Maybe feminists could worry less about Kavanaugh and more about bringing their movement into the 21st century from the 12th.

Of course, there have been exceptions to this historical march of progressivism in justice. In American history, one of the most shameful ones was the rise of the KKK and extra-judicial lynchings of blacks in the South and Midwest. Is it a coincidence that white women making false rape accusations were complicit in that sorry episode as well, and directly responsible for a significant percentage of lynchings of black men?

As a man sympathetic to women my entire life, and sympathetic to feminism for most of it, the treatment of Kavanaugh feels like a personal betrayal. Feminists really do view me as an unperson—so much for “allyship.” When you have male and female Senators saying “Believe the women!” “Men should shut up!” and “There is no presumption of innocence” it is chilling to the bone. It proclaims feminism is not a movement for equality or equity. It is the sheer, naked, amoral will to power.

Feminists disingenuously mock the idea that white men are losing rights in this country all while they deliberately insist those rights, like the one to presumption of innocence, be ignored. I can think of no more evil and dishonest hypocrisy.

And who do you deprive of their rights? People you love? People you respect as equals? Or people you hate?

“Believe the women!” with its misogynistic infantilization of women, emotional manipulation and disregard for human rights is feminist women’s way of letting us know they are not ready for legal, political and social equality with men, nor is that what they even want. And rational people don’t want to live in a matriarchy. Not After Kavanaugh (AK). We now have a very good idea what rule by feminists would look like and it is regressive and ugly.

There is a ray of hope, though: conservative women. They don’t buy any of this crap! And they are as worked up as I am…

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