Kavanaugh Exposes the Evil Stupidity and Hate of the Regressive Left

The Kavanaugh nomination may well turn out to be a watershed moment in American politics, but not the way the Left and the media are predicting. It may well be the moment that centrists and conservatives realize how truly evil the regressive Left has become, and how widespread its influence in our institutions, especially the media, academia, and the Deep State, has become. Years from now, historians may look back and divide our times into “Before Kavanaugh (BK)” and “After Kavanuagh (AK).”

It has certainly been a personal breaking point for me. I am done with the Democratic Party, the party I have supported since stuffing McGovern envelopes as a child. First, the despicable way the Party treated Bernie Sanders, then Hillary’s shameless and failed exploitation of identity politics, then the embarrassingly irrational “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (the birtherism of the Left) have left me disgusted with the Party. What I am witnessing with Kavanaugh seems to be the ultimate betrayal of values I thought the Party stood for. The last straw.

Like other Democrats, I was disgusted with the fate of Merrick Garland, Obama’s final Supreme Court pick who was consigned to oblivion by the Republicans in the Senate. I also do not want to see Roe v. Wade overturned. But I am not comfortable selling my soul, betraying core values, to get my way. If Democrats do not have those values after all and are no better than the Republicans, what is the point?

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