“Justice” for Dr. Ford

So 36 years ago, a drunken minor teenage boy made a fumbled attempt to make out with a teenage girl without her consent.  Let’s assume that happened.

This attempt was a misdemeanor at the time in the state of Maryland, the statute of limitations for which is one year.

Justice in the situation would look like this: The girl would report the assault in a timely fashion to police to investigate while memories were fresh and more reliable. The boy, as a 17-year old, first-time, misdemeanor offender would be referred to juvenile court. If found guilty, he would pay some penalty and his juvenile record would be customarily sealed for most purposes when he became an adult.  As Americans we believe in the fresh start and not judging adults for their actions as children.

Now, it is certainly possible we could still be talking about this had Dr Ford done the right thing in the first place.  If Kavanaugh was found guilty as a juvenile, Ford would be perfectly within her rights 36 years later to say to Feinstein “I don’t think he should be on the court, he sexually assaulted me in high school.” The Senators could then look at the record, if the FBI had not disclosed it already in the background check, or request it, and decide whether it was relevant.

Fairness to the accuser and fairness to the accused. Anyone see a difference between that scenario and what we all just witnessed last week?  The Ford-Kavanaugh circus was only about politics.  Not justice.

Anyone who intimates that this is about justice for sexual assault deserves any eye-rolling and laughter they receive. Any politician who does is a hack who does not deserve your vote.

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