More Quick Takes – Kavanaugh

  • It is ironic how the social justice left, the same people who want to give felons their right to vote back, are apoplectic and want to deny a man a job over a juvenile misdemeanor that he wasn’t even convicted of.
  • I just saw Senator Mazie Hirono on This Week (ABC).  She literally said that Democrats have been asking for an FBI investigation for what “seems like months!” As if. What a weasel!  The whole circus could have been avoided had Feinstein asked for an investigation months ago when it could have been handled confidentially as Dr Ford wanted.  Of course it was an orchestrated political hit, and the conscious delay in the Democratic request for an investigation was part of it.
    Of course the clueless George Stephanopoulos did not call her on it.
  • Democrats have tried to move the goal posts and lower them this weekend by claiming Kavanaugh’s angry testimony did not show “judicial temperament,” that he was too partisan to be on the Court and that this was a job interview, not a court of law.  This is another SJW-style circular argument. He was just fine temperament-wise until the partisan Democrats put him in the middle of a Kafkaesque hell.  They are desperate to have somewhere else to hang their hat in case the FBI investigation does not go their way.
  • Senator Ted Cruz normally makes me cringe, but he powerfully sums up the lack of actual evidence for, and considerable evidence against, Dr Ford’s accusations as well as the travesty of Democratic feminist cynicism.
  • Go Fund Me pages set up on Ford’s behalf are now at about $700,000 total.  How much will she be offered for her story by various media outlets?  Nothing to gain indeed.  Living in Silicon Valley must be expensive on a mere professor’s salary…
  • Any Senator who has gone on record saying “I believe the women” or “There is no presumption of innocence,” and that is many of the Democrats, has demonstrated that they know nothing about justice or human rights and has morally disqualified themself from voting on judicial nominations.
  • The rationalized contradictions of the SJWs and media are staggering: 
    • Ford was emotional—that makes her more credible! Kavanaugh was emotional—That’s the phony reaction of white men in power who are busted!
    • Ford remembers things—proves she is credible!  Ford forgets key facts—also proves she is credible! Because trauma!
  • And then of course there are all the elements of the Stalinist witch hunt we have witnessed: If you are innocent, why so angry?  If you are innocent, don’t you want an investigation? If you are innocent, why do you need a lawyer?

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