Hater of the Week – 09/29/18

And they are numerous this week: All the feminist manhaters in the media who used their forums to twist Brett Kavanaugh’s anger into bigoted blanket statements about white men or male privilege. Two good examples of this are Jessica Valenti and Christina Cauterucci, but there are many more.

The first problem is the Catch-22. For decades we have have been told by feminists that men holding in their emotions is “toxic masculinity.” But when a man lets his emotions show? Well that’s also pounced on by these craven harpies as “toxic masculinity.” To them, there really is no “toxic masculinity.” There is just “masculinity” and it is ALL toxic.

The other problem is the hypocrisy. If men policing women’s emotions, or even having an opinion on them, is a bad thing, you would think it works the other way around in an “equal” world. But sadly, no. Apparently it is absolutely fine for women to police men’s emotions. This is just another phony feminist “principle” that is purely self-serving.

Let’s be clear: Feminists do not want a world where people are free to be emotional and where judging the emotions of others is frowned upon. They will always reserve the right to judge men and find them evil. They want a society where female emotions run rampant and male emotions are checked. Like psychopaths, feminists have no conscience or capacity for empathy when it comes to men.

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