Kavanaugh Lessons

Anyone who thinks they know what happened 36 years ago after yesterday’s circus is delusional. Both sides are saying “The people who tell the story I wish were true are all telling the truth.  The people who contradict that story are evil liars.” Both sides do this and are convinced only the other side does it.

Memory degrades and is malleable, and all people are capable of, and prone to, misremembering and deceit as well as truth-telling. Anyone who thinks they can tell the difference based on genitalia or demeanor is delusional.

I believe Dr. Ford was assaulted at a party 36 years ago.  I believe Kavanaugh was a drunken douchebag kid 36 years ago.  I do not believe Dr. Ford or anyone else has demonstrated by a preponderance of the evidence, let alone reasonable doubt, that it was Kavanaugh who assaulted her. 

Assumptions of Democrats in the Kavanaugh hearing, I have a hard time swallowing:

  1. Women and men are unequal: Women are weak, pathetic victims who must be treated like fragile children, yet we must always call them “brave,” and men are always adult predators.
    Ex. Both Kavanaugh and Ford were minors at the time. Only Ford is given the benefit of the doubt of being a minor. Senators and media folks only speak of victims of sexual assault as women and perpetrators as men.
  2. Basic rules of conduct in society do not apply to women: their supposed victimhood entitles women to make any demands (e.g. to an FBI investigation of a non-federal crime) and they must be obeyed even 26 years after the statute of limitations expires.
  3. Men’s basic human rights, like presumption of innocence, do not matter as a result of #2.
  4. “Believe the women” is not closed-minded. Republicans are closed minded. 
  5. The “Believe the women” rule has an exemption for Democrats. See Bill Clinton and Keith Ellison.
  6. Dr. Ford’s obvious nervousness and inconsistency is typical of trauma victims, not just people with “issues” or liars, and corroborates her testimony.
  7. Key evidence like Ford’s memory lapses and the lack of corroboration by any of the people she names mean nothing, yet non-evidence like the polygraph test is important (shame on Amy Klobuchar, a prosecutor who should know better).
  8. The lack of investigation is the Republican’s fault, even though Democrats knew the hearing schedule and sat on Ford’s allegations for 45 days (plenty of time for an actually confidential investigation as Ford wanted).
  9. That more investigation will change anyone’s mind either way.
  10. That this is about “justice,” not politics. Actually, the Democratic senators themselves don’t even believe that!
  11. That men displaying anger is unacceptable, despite decades of telling us that men holding emotions in is “toxic masculinity” and as if “#MeToo” isn’t all about angry women displaying anger.

If Kavanaugh wins his nomination, it will be a victory for gender equality, for true “feminism.”  It will say that men and women are adults, equal, and bound by the same rules.  One of the rules is the statute of limitations, which in this case expired 26 years ago for civil and 35 years ago for criminal justice.  Another rule is how the transgressions of minors are treated. If Ford had done the right thing and reported the incident immediately to get justice for being wronged, it would have been taken care of years ago, and either forgotten or taken into account as appropriate. The imposition of new consequences for Kavanaugh at this point is incommensurate and inappropriate.

Victim feminists are evil misogynists who do not think men and women are equal. They think that all women are essentially victims without any agency and that trumps all rules of society. Feminists think that women must be infantilized, coddled and indulged, like little children. “That’s okay dear, you just take your time.  We’ll be here to kiss your ass whenever you are strong enough.” 36 years is an awful long time to take to find one’s big girl pants. A man who brought that up would be laughed at for several reasons: 1) the time lag, 2) letting a man on top of him, attempting sex, but not actually doing anything except fumbling, traumatize you into therapy.

Women are victims to the degree they do not set individual boundaries and enforce their own boundaries effectively. Good boundary policing would eliminate 99% of sexual assault. Why do women always need to run to paternal authority figures or the “protection” of a mob?  Men, their “equals,” set boundaries and resolve differences among themselves as individuals, regardless of relative size and strength. Not expecting women to do the same is the true misogyny.

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