In Case You Missed It – 09-22-18

  • A woman takes a similar journey to mine, from identifying with the Left to WTF? It is a must read–and reassuring to know there are more of us out there.
  • Spiked!Online takes on a truly reprehensible “study” by Rebecca Lewis, “Alternative Influence.” (I won’t link to that trash, you can get it through Spiked!). It was touted by The Guardian this week, purporting to show how the rise of alt-right networks on YouTube is used for “radicalization.” I say “reprehensible” because it is basically a smear job of any YouTube personality who dissents from far Left dogma.
    For instance, it refers to James Damore’s infamous “Google Memo” as full of “biologically essentialist misogyny.” Its noted source for that was a blog on Medium that does not use that terminology. It is a work of hackery and propaganda, not scholarship, that its sponsors should be ashamed of.
  • According to Greg Lukianoff “The Coddling of the American Mind is Speeding Up.”
  • And another Spiked! article on the “sexual McCarthyism” of #MeToo.

Have a great weekend!

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